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Questions and Answers

You can send SMS commands to the watches from any phone.
Default factory password: 123456 or sometimes 523681.
PHONE NUMBER is starting with “+” and with your country code. eg for USA +12223334455
All SMS commands should never have gaps!
The main requirement is a 2G SIM card (it’s normal, standard, for trackers, Internet gadgets and other epithets), and not newfangled for 3G / 4G networks and 4G / LTE smartphones. In some regions there are operators that do not have networks in the 2G band.

Set up to KidControl server:

Set your primary Parent’s phone number:
pw,123456,center,phone number#
Where phone number is a Parent’s phone number starting with “+” and with your country code. eg for USA +12223334455

Set an additional Parent’s phone number:
pw,123456,slave,phone number#

Delete Primary Parent’s Number:

Delete additional Parent’s number:

Set SOS numbers:
pw,123456,sos1,phone number#
pw,123456,sos2,phone number#
pw,123456,sos3,phone number#
Where phone number is a Parent’s phone numbers starting with “+” and with your country code. eg for USA +12223334455

Delete SOS numbers:

Set dial numbers for buttons 1 and 2:
pw,123456,tel1,phone number#
pw,123456,tel2,phone number#
Where phone number is a Parent’s phone number starting with “+” and with your country code. eg for USA +12223334455

Delete numbers from buttons 1 and 2:

Location update interval in seconds:
Where 50 is the interval in seconds. This interval is recommended for continuous work of about 8 hours before battery recharge is needed.

Wiretapping – the clock will call back to the specified number and turn on the microphone:
pw,123456,monitor,phone number#

Set language and time zone:
Where 0 = English language, 3 = GMT+3

Find watches indoor:

Reset to factory settings:

Check all parameters:


Setting a new password only from the primary phone number:

Where 888888 is the new six-digit numerical password

No, KidControl can’t show online location without internet connection, however KidControl can record location using flight recorder (Black Box) and as soon as KidControl reestablish Internet connection you can see location history.

Either mobile internet (data plan: 3G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE) or Wi-Fi Internet connection is required.

GPS is able to identify location of the phone, but it cannot send received coordinates to the server. While it is the server which shows you the location of the target phone. Thus, Internet connection is needed.

However, we are working on the Premium version of the app with a possibility to request phone location via SMS. Stay tuned 🙂

KidControl supports Android and iOS phones and tablets.

To find another person, you need to connect his/her phone to KidControl service. Click “Invite new user”, select level of access (administrator or user) and send the invitation. Once he/she installs KidControl app and enters this invitation code, the location of the person will be shown on your map.

If needed, it is also possible to add a person without invitation code. During app registration, the person needs to select “I have account” and enter your KidControl login and password.

Watch our video tutorial.

KidControl supports Android and iOS phones and tablets, desktop web browsers and Telegram Bot messenger.

To add a new family member, you need to connect his/her phone to KidControl service. Click “Invite new user”, select level of access (administrator or user) and send the invitation with Code. Once he/she installs KidControl app and enters this invitation Code, the location of the new family member will be shown on your map.

Watch our video tutorial.

KidControl supports Android and iOS phones and tablets, desktop web browsers and Telegram Bot messenger.

It is impossible to do so, and is prohibited by Google and Apple policies.

Based on our experience, it is better to explain children the purpose of the app. You can tell your kid that it is the app for watching parents as well.For example, your kid will know where you are, when you get home and he/she will be able to restore order or to say goodbye to friends before you come. Kids will appreciate this.

Most likely it is your phone’s battery energy saving settings that stop KidControl from updating location.

There are phone’s battery settings or troublesome apps that stop KidControl from running in the background. Solution is to go into phone’s battery settings  and give KidControl permission to run in the background.

LBS is a method of getting location data from cell sites of GSM operators.

It is used when GPS receiver in your phone is turned off and there is also no way to receive coordinates via nearest Wi-Fi router. Internet connection is still necessary to pass LBS data from a phone to our servers. LBS accuracy is pretty low, around 200-1000 meters.

On the map, it is displayed as the “LBS” icon.

Places are geofences that you can set up to receive notifications about your child’s movements. For example, when he/she leaves home or arrives at school.

In the free version of KidControl you are given two places, you can create them in app settings. Premium version allows to create unlimited number of Places.

Automatic alerts come to all phones with KidControl app running in the “Administrator” mode.

Video tutorial

Click Settings and choose “Add place” to create one. Name the place and set the diameter. Turn notifications on. In the free version, you can create 2 Places. You can upgrade to Premium to get unlimited number of Places.

Video tutorial.

Most likely, there is no Internet coverage at the current child’s location. Without Internet, the phone cannot provide its location. On the icon you can see the time of the last successfully updated location.

You can verify Internet connection status of your child’s phone in the “Battery and Internet” menu.

You did not use the invitation system and installed the app on different accounts. Please open the app on the child’s phone, follow to Settings and log out. Now log in again using your address.

Wi-Fi has two functions:

1) Location tracking: through local networks, without knowing their passwords, KidControl receives location coordinates.

Yes, KidControl is able to acquire location from password protected Wi-Fi networks, thus always keep Wi-Fi connection enabled.
After acquiring location coordinates from password protected Wi-Fi networks, the app needs to send this data to the server. For this, a working mobile Internet connection (data plan: 3G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE) is required.

Accuracy of location acquired via Wi-Fi is about 20 meters.

2) It provides Internet connection: through networks with known password, the app sends information about phone location and its battery level to the KidControl servers.

Mobile Internet (data plan) is not used then.

GPS allows to receive coordinates and identify location of the phone, but the phone requires working Internet connection (Data plan) to pass GPS coordinates to KidControl servers.

The phone that you are tracking has to have Internet connection enabled in order to get updated location.

Select child’s icon on the map and click on the “Battery and Internet” report in the menu. On the graph, red blocks show when the child’s phone had no connection to KidControl servers.

In Administrator mode, it is possible to invite new users, manage geofences, notifications and other settings.

In User more, the app sends phone coordinates and battery status. Also, if the map is visible, it is possible to see location of other users, navigate to them and see the history of their movement.

Select the child you want to set notifications for. Press “Places” – add new place. Name the place “School”, and set area size. Turn the notification on.

In the current free version, you can create 2 places.

For better location tracking Wi-Fi should be ON!

Wi-Fi locates indoors with accuracy of 20-50 meters.

Google, as a location service provider, collects location data by publicly broadcasted Wi-Fi wireless access points, as well as GPS and cell tower data. KidControl app can use this data. And it is not necessary to log in with a password to a wifi router. It is simply enough to have wifi turned on and to be in the coverage area of a wifi router.

To provide precise coordinates, your child’s phone must have enabled “Geolocation” service enabled and KidControl app has to have full access to location services.

Android > Settings > My Location

Turning ON Wi-Fi increases accuracy up to 10-40 meters and it is working indoors.

GPS provides exact coordinates with 10-50 meters accuracy only outdoors.

When GPS and Wi-Fi are not available, KidControl app determines phone’s location by LBS – GSM towers with 200-1000 m accuracy.

In this chart you can see how quickly phone battery charges and drains.

You can also see when exactly the phone was plugged in to charge and when when it was taken off. So you can suppose when he or she went to sleep and got up.

Alerts (so called push notifications) come only to phones which have KidControl app running in administrator mode. “Show notifications” mode should be enabled.

Notifications come when:

1) Battery is low. “Low battery” notification should be enabled.
2) There is no connection with KidControl service. “Lost connection” notification should be enabled.
3) The person enters and leaves a Place  (geofence).

From any web browser, log into your KidControl account at using your email and password for KidControl app and track your phone on the map.

Set KidControl app to “child” mode on child’s phones, turn off “show map”, and children will not see the map and will not receive alerts. Alerts are available in “Administrator” mode only.

You might have made a typo in the email address. Reinstall KidControl app using correct email.

Log in to your account from a desktop computer. Sometimes uploading photos directly from a phone is not possible.

When you uncheck “Show my location” option in the app settings, your phone coordinates are not updated anymore and the pause sign appears next to your avatar. The sign will disappear once you enable the option back.

Pause sign settings-show-my-location-switch