General information about the Premium version

Buying a paid version of the application – Premium version – you will get these additional options of the app:
– History of movement and battery for two weeks. In the free version, you can see History for two days.
– Black Box – the ability to save off-line coordinates and upload them to the History once restoring of an Internet connection in the phone
– The ability to create an unlimited number of the places- geolocations and set automatic notifications for places-geolocations. In the free version you can create only two places
– There is no advertising in the Premium version

You can choose the most suitable Premium Plan for you: monthly or annual subscription, or lifetime purchase for your account. The payment applies to all devices registered in the account.

If for any reason you want to refund, please write to our technical support ( and specify the email or GPA payment for which you registered the app. After considering your request, we will be able to make a refund of lifetime purchase. Refund of monthly or annual subscription is available only by Google Play.

If you paid for the app from the iPhone, write to Apple support. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide developers with access to refunds.