What is Black Box?

Black Box is an additional function of our app that records the location of the phone or tablet when the device does not have an Internet connection. As soon as the Internet is back, the app sends saved data to the server, and you have the opportunity to see those coordinates in the history. The[…]

How can I transfer Premium to a new phone?

If you purchased a new device and you have a Premium account, register the device in the application in the usual way. Use the same email and password which you used when registering, or ask other users of this account to send you an invitation code. After registering a new device, you will still be[…]

General information about the Premium version

Buying a paid version of the application – Premium version – you will get these additional options of the app: – History of movement and battery for two weeks. In the free version, you can see History for two days. – Black Box – the ability to save off-line coordinates and upload them to the[…]

Background application settings

In order for the app not to “fall asleep”, add permissions for the app to work in the background mode. Also add it to the exceptions for the power saving mode in the phone. Then the app will not stop its work after folding. For some phone models there are additional settings: Xiaomi: https://youtu.be/3bWR82pW7LE Xiaomi[…]

How do I set up my phone so that the application works?

– Turn on the geolocation in High-Accuracy mode in your phone settings ( to locate by GPS, WiFi networks and towers of GSM cellular communications). – Connect WiFi and mobile data. – Add permissions for the app to work in the background mode, autorun. – Add the application to the exceptions for power saving mode.[…]

How to add SmartWatch?

Click the “Add New User” icon, select “GPS watch” in the menu. Make sure that SIM card of the watch supports 2G and has an active plan, the watch is turned on. After the registration is completed you will see the watch on the map.

How do I invite a new user?

Click “Add new user”, select the access level: Parent (Administrator) or Child (User). Send or tell new user the code to invite to the account. After new user installs the app and enters this code while registering, the location of new user will be shown on your map. If necessary, you can add a new[…]

How to get started?

1) In your phone settings, make sure to enable Geolocation in “High Accuracy” mode. This will allow to receive coordinates from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks and cell towers. 2) Open the app, allow it to load the map and display your location in the center. Your status should be “Now” or “1-2 min ago”. If[…]

How to set Smart Baby Watch to SeTracker application?

When connected to KidsControl, the watch changes the ip address of the server and therefore can work with only one application. If you want to return to SeTracker, you need to change the server ip address again. To do this, send an SMS command to the number of the watch. Pay attention, the command should[…]