What is battery report for?

In this chart you can see how quickly phone battery charges and drains. You can also see when exactly the phone was plugged in to charge and when it was taken off. So you can suppose when he or she went to sleep and got up.

Who receives alerts?

Alerts (so called push notifications) come only to phones which have KidControl app running in administrator mode. “Show notifications” mode should be enabled.

When do I get alerts?

Notifications come when: 1) Battery is low. “Low battery” notification should be enabled. 2) There is no connection with KidControl service. “Lost connection” notification should be enabled. 3) The person enters and leaves a Place  (geofence).

How can I find stolen or lost phone?

From any web browser, log into your KidControl account at www.go.kid-control.com using your email and password for KidControl app and track your phone on the map.

How to change avatar photo?

Log in to your account from a desktop computer. Sometimes uploading photos directly from a phone is not possible.

What is that Pause sign?

When you uncheck “Show my location” option in the app settings, your phone coordinates are not updated anymore and the pause sign appears next to your avatar. The sign will disappear once you enable the option back.