Places – how to create them?

Click Settings and choose “Add place” to create one. Name the place and set the diameter. Turn notifications on. In the free version, you can create 2 Places. You canĀ upgrade to Premium to get unlimited number of Places. Video tutorial.

The child has left, while the icon hasn’t moved. Why?

Most likely, there is no Internet coverage at the current child’s location. Without Internet, the phone cannot provide its location. On the icon you can see the time of the last successfully updated location. You can verify Internet connection status of your child’s phone in the “Battery and Internet” menu.

Why do I need Wifi enabled for Kid Control?

Wi-Fi has two functions: 1) Location tracking: through local networks, without knowing their passwords, KidControl receives location coordinates. Yes, KidControl is able to acquire location from password protected Wi-Fi networks, thus always keep Wi-Fi connection enabled. After acquiring location coordinates from password protected Wi-Fi networks, the app needs to send this data to the server.[…]

GPS is ON but location does not update. Why?

GPS allows to receive coordinates and identify location of the phone, but the phone requires working Internet connection (Data plan) to pass GPS coordinates to KidControl servers. The phone that you are tracking has to have Internet connection enabled in order to get updated location.

How can I check the Internet connection?

Select child’s icon on the map and click on the “Battery and Internet” report in the menu. On the graph, red blocks show when the child’s phone had no connection to KidControl servers.

What is the difference between “Administrator” and “User” modes?

In Administrator mode, it is possible to invite new users, manage geofences, notifications and other settings. In User more, the app sends phone coordinates and battery status. Also, if the map is visible, it is possible to see location of other users, navigate to them and see the history of their movement.

How does Wi-Fi influence location accuracy?

For better location tracking Wi-Fi should be ON! Wi-Fi locates indoors with accuracy of 20-50 meters. Google, as a location service provider, collects location data by publicly broadcasted Wi-Fi wireless access points, as well as GPS and cell tower data. KidControl app can use this data. And it is not necessary to log in with[…]

Why does it show “within a kilometer?”

To provide precise coordinates, your child’s phone must have enabled “Geolocation” service enabled and KidControl app has to have full access to location services. Android > Settings > My Location Turning ON Wi-Fi increases accuracy up to 10-40 meters and it is working indoors. GPS provides exact coordinates with 10-50 meters accuracy only outdoors. When[…]