What is “Lost connection” notification?

This notification arrives to all users of the account in the Parent (Administrator) mode, when the user is not connected to the server for more than 1 hour. At this time the app can not transfer data to the server, so the device location is not updated. The option can be enabled in notification settings.

If you do not receive notifications of entering and leaving the places

If you have set the places-geozones, but do not receive place notifications, check the app and phone settings: 1. You must be the registered user in the mode “Parent (Administrator)”. If you are not on the map (you are not a user), then the app can not send you place notifications. 2. Switch on “Receive[…]

How do I edit or delete a place?

To change the location settings, click on the “Places” icon in the upper left corner of the app. Select the place you want to change. In the settings window that opens, you can change the radius of the place. Moving the map, you can change the address of the place. Moving on, you can change[…]

How to add a place and configure notifications?

Places – these are geozones that you can set in the app to receive notifications of child movements. For example, when a child goes to school or come back at home. To create a place, click on the “Places” icon in the upper left corner on the map, then click on “Add a place”. Select[…]

Why location is not precise?

To provide precise coordinates, the phone must have GPS service enabled. It is managed in Android > Settings > My Location. GPS can identify location with 10-50 meters accuracy only outdoors. Indoors, GPS often does not work. It is better to use WiFi then, it also shows location pretty well. When GPS and Wi-Fi are[…]

The app does not show the location for several hours. Why?

If the GPS is turned on and the location is not updated, check Internet connection in your phone. GPS provides you with the coordinates and locate the device, but to transfer these data to our server, you need an active Internet connection in the device. In the case of Android phones may also be an[…]