What is LBS coordinates?

LBS is a method of getting location data from cell sites of GSM operators. It is used when GPS receiver in your phone is turned off or too weak and there is also no way to receive coordinates via nearest Wi-Fi router. Internet connection is still necessary to pass LBS data from a phone to[…]

Why do I need Wi-Fi enabled?

Wi-Fi has two functions: 1) It identifies location: through local networks, without knowing their passwords, our app receives location coordinates. Our app is able to acquire location from password protected Wi-Fi networks, thus always keep Wi-Fi connection enabled. After acquiring location coordinates from password protected Wi-Fi networks, the app needs to send this data to[…]

How can I find stolen or lost phone?

If the phone is connected to Internet and our app is not deleted on it, you can see its location at: www.go.kid-control.com. If the phone does not have our app, but it has your Google account, you can try using Google Device Manager: www.google.com/android/devicemanager.

What is Pause sign on the user’s avatar?

When you turn off the option “Show my location” (in iPhones turn on “Hide my location”) in the app settings, your phone coordinates are not updated anymore and the pause sign appears next to your avatar. The sign will disappear once you turn the option on.